Machine Learning powered Secure Websocket & MQTT based ZoneMinder event notification server
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The master branch is always cutting edge. If you are packaging the ES into your own system/image it is recommended you use the latest stable release. See this note.


The Event Notification Server sits along with ZoneMinder and offers real time notifications, support for push notifications as well as Machine Learning powered recognition. As of today, it supports:

  • detection of 80 types of objects (persons, cars, etc.)
  • face recognition
  • deep license plate recognition

I will add more algorithms over time.


3rd party dockers

I don't maintain docker images, so please don't ask me any questions about docker environments. There are others who maintain docker images. Please see this link


  • Python 3.6 or above


Click each image for larger versions. Some of these images are from other users who have granted permission for use

(permissions received from: Rockedge/ZM Slack channel/Mar 15, 2019)