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makefile: awesome_bot: ignore SSL errors on https://flaskbb.org/ 16 hours ago
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remove problematic nullboard demo link 18 hours ago
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remove dead demo link for pigallery 2 18 hours ago
nodiscc 8846361e78
remove dead demo link for openhab 18 hours ago
nodiscc d451b94fea
remove requestbin (sourec code gone) 18 hours ago
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remove dead rhodecode demo link 18 hours ago
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remove photofloat (last commit 2016) 18 hours ago
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remove dead socksbin demo link 18 hours ago
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remove dead mokintoken homepage link 18 hours ago
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remove dead markdownedit homepage link 18 hours ago
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remove broken malwaremultiscan demo link 18 hours ago
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remove sonerezh (last commit 2019, website gone) 18 hours ago
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update openhab source code link 18 hours ago
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remove dead demo link for youtransfer 19 hours ago
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remove dead link for goploader 19 hours ago
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update source code link for coquelicot (gitweb down) 19 hours ago
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remove dea demo link for opensourcepos 20 hours ago
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remove dead b2evolution demo link 20 hours ago
nodiscc dd5f0eb2a1
remove openconferenceware (last update 2017, website gone) 20 hours ago
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remove dead link to demo.routr.io 20 hours ago
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remove dead link to ptorx.org 20 hours ago
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fix link to docs.debops.org 21 hours ago
nodiscc b6a93d4d1a
rmeove dead link to darkwire.io 21 hours ago
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.travis.yml: always run pipeline on master, regardless of whether the job was triggered via cron or manually 21 hours ago
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update author information (make contrib) 21 hours ago
nodiscc d12c9c104a
fix license for asmbb 21 hours ago
Jeremy Meyers 56c8f2ffca
Remove Tipboard, add Smashing (#2468) 3 days ago
nodiscc e990a67d67
remove FreeNAS (discontinued, TrueNAS not Free software anymore) (#2493) 3 days ago
Pierre Buyle 1746c8d318
Add SFTPGo (#2477) 3 days ago
Cameron Contour d7fa34c621
Add form.io to API Management (#2443) 3 days ago
nodiscc 4a31c767c7
Merge pull request #2489 from pagdot/patch-2 1 week ago
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Merge pull request #2478 from vaidd4/patch-1 1 week ago
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Merge pull request #2457 from loganmarchione/patch-1 1 week ago
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Merge pull request #2474 from m1dnight/m1dnight-patch-1 1 week ago
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Merge pull request #2465 from majora2007/feature/kavita 1 week ago
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update focalboard license 1 week ago
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Merge pull request #2455 from chrispadfield/patch-2 1 week ago
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Merge pull request #2449 from vihar/patch-1 1 week ago
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Merge pull request #2448 from mgogoulos/master 1 week ago
Paul Götzinger 399849db9e
Updated urls for pasty pastbin 2 weeks ago
David 6fbf5a75ea
Remove Koding from IDE/Tools 3 weeks ago
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Merge pull request #2472 from Kovah/master 3 weeks ago
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Merge pull request #2461 from kn0wmad/master 3 weeks ago
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Merge pull request #2466 from tmcarr/patch-1 3 weeks ago
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Merge pull request #2445 from dertuxmalwieder/patch-2 3 weeks ago
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MediaCMS: remove extra tag 3 weeks ago
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Merge branch 'master' into master 3 weeks ago
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Merge pull request #2458 from carlbordum/cactus.chat 3 weeks ago
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Merge pull request #2456 from zzemla/patch-1 3 weeks ago
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Merge pull request #2452 from Forceu/master 3 weeks ago