FreeBSD Ports Collection + DeltaPorts = DragonFly Ports (a.k.a. DPorts)
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Delta Ports

This is a collection of patches and files that overlay and modify the
FreeBSD Ports Collection in order to create a new product, DragonFly Ports.

This repository is not intended to be useful by itself. Scripts will
combine these overlays and patches to generate the final product.


DeltaPorts related documentation.

Directory contains shell scripts to generate final DPorts
repository as well as a copy of the Tinderbox hooks

Directory contains sub-directories that correspond with Ports
categories such as audio, editors, devel, etc.

Subdirectory of ports directory. Examples include audio, editors,
and devel subdirectories.

Subdirectory of <category> directory. It contains a mixture of
five items: "STATUS" file, "Makefile.DragonFly" file, "dragonfly"
directory, "diffs" directory, and "newport" directory.

File contains 3 lines. First line is equals "MASK" or "PORT" or
"DPORT". "MASK" means the port will not have a counterpart in
DPorts. Nothing further will be scanned, so following lines could
be used as comments to explain. "PORT" means the port is derived
from FreeBSD ports. "DPORT" means the port was created from scratch.
The second line starts with "Last attempt: " and ends with the
version and revision of the last build attempt. The third line
starts with "Last success: " and ends with the version and revision
of the last build success. The ending will be blank if the port
never successfully built.

Directory that serves same function as port's "files" directory. It
will contain patches applies after the patches in the "files"
directory and could also contain files as well.

Directory that contains a Makefile, distinfo, pkg-descr, and other
files that comprise a port. There will be no "files" subdirectory,
the dragonfly directory will be used instead.

Directory that contains "diff" files. For example, distinfo.diff
would modify the ports distinfo file and pkg-plist.diff would modify
the pkg-plist file.
The file names in this directory have to end with ".diff" .

This Makefile is included after the Port Makefile. It is used
preferentially to Makefile.diff.

A file optionally located inside the <diffs> directory that lists
all the files to be remove after copying the port from FreeBSD. Its
purpose is to avoid having to make a .diff file with the sole
purpose of removing the to-be-modified file. Not only is this a big
time-saver when a lot of patches need removing, it is more robust
because any update FreeBSD guys do to the patch would break the
dport generation.

Directory that contains subdirectories such as Mk and Templates that
are treated the same as <portname> directory.