DragonFly BSD Extra Projects

Updated 2 weeks ago

Rune Language Development

Updated 2 weeks ago

DragonFly Project Source

Updated 7 hours ago

DragonFly DPorts Source

Updated 7 hours ago

Java 0 0

Various data structures from class assignments

Updated 2 months ago

A cross platform front-end GUI of the popular youtube-dl written in wxPython.

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 1 year ago

tools related to HardenedBSD and opBSD

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 8 years ago

Updated 11 months ago

CSS based on Nier Automata's interface design language. https://metakirby5.github.io/yorha/

Updated 3 years ago

Modern C library for Pushover.

Updated 9 months ago

HardenedBSD infrastructure monitoring daemon

Updated 7 months ago

Fork of https://github.com/gluster/glusterdocs that implements dark theme and removes analytics/tracking dependencies (google/cloudflare/github) as much as possible. Deployed to https://gluster.docs.eponym.info

Updated 8 months ago

HardenedBSD Security Administration

Updated 3 months ago

Public keys for HardenedBSD developers

Updated 2 months ago

JavaScript 0 0

Distributed application to password-protect URLs using AES in the browser https://jstrieb.github.io/link-lock

Updated 3 weeks ago

Package management tool for FreeBSD. Help at #pkgng on Freenode or pkg@FreeBSD.org

Updated 4 weeks ago

An evolving how-to guide for securing a Linux server.

Updated 7 days ago

HardenedBSD Ports tree

Updated 7 hours ago