Reference implementation for connecting to the Yggdrasil Network from Android devices

Updated 10 months ago

A list of RSS related stuff: tools, services, communities and tutorials, etc.

Updated 5 hours ago

A drop-in collection of CSS styles to make simple websites just a little nicer

Updated 7 months ago

A best-practices CSS foundation

Updated 11 months ago

Jam icons is a set of SVG icons designed for web projects, illustrations, print projects, etc. Licensed under MIT

Updated 10 months ago

Markdown License Badges for your Project

Updated 3 months ago

No-longer-maintained MIT licensed code that needs a new home

Updated 1 year ago

Configurable CLI tool to easily and aggressively debloat Windows 10 by removing preinstalled UWP apps, services and more. Based on de-botnet guide made by

Updated 1 month ago

A site to provide non-judgmental guidance on choosing a license for your open source project

Updated 4 weeks ago

An HTTP backend service that selects the pkg(8) mirrors near to the client

Updated 2 years ago

Hourly Checked and Updated IP Ranges of AWS Servers

Updated 22 minutes ago

Acquire a Tor bridge as a SAM service with a SAM client.

Updated 2 years ago

Friendly, easy, lightweight, self-hostable CAPTCHA service.

Updated 9 months ago

A tool to collect stats from reseed services.

Updated 2 years ago

Free and Open Source Machine Translation API. 100% self-hosted, no limits, no ties to proprietary translation services.

Updated 7 days ago

Terminal client for managing I2P services

Updated 3 years ago

Prepare for programming interviews with pretty practice problems.

Updated 7 years ago

Don't use VPN services.

Updated 2 years ago

QGIS MapTiler Plugin: vector tiles, basemaps, geocoding, OSM, QuickMapServices

Updated 2 weeks ago