Kolibri: the offline app for universal education https://learningequality.org/kolibri/
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Richard Tibbles 1afb3be56a Clean up 12 months ago
conditional Clean up 12 months ago
__init__.py moving skeleton from kolibri_skeleton repo 6 years ago
coverage_blame.py blackening 3 years ago
do_mock_provisioning.py Fix do_mock_provisioning.py 1 year ago
ensure_kolibri_stops_within_time.sh stop time test: fix iteration 1 year ago
ensure_no_kolibris_running_on_port.sh tox startup/shutdown test: don't worry about leftover processes that aren't listening 2 years ago
test_cext.py blackening 3 years ago
test_future_and_futures.py blackening 3 years ago
traceback.sh Refactor conditional tests and add bash tracebacks 5 years ago