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#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -euo pipefail
echo "--- Downloading all artifacts here for upload to GH"
mkdir -p dist
buildkite-agent artifact download 'dist/*' dist/
echo "--- Building docker environment in Docker"
# Depends on relevant requirements file and script locations
docker build \
--iidfile upload_artifacts.iid \
-f docker/upload_artifacts.dockerfile \
IMAGE=$(cat upload_artifacts.iid)
echo "--- Running script in Docker, image ID: $IMAGE"
# Mounting dist so that we're not redundantly copying
# Adding envars for GH access and Tag information
# Binding google app creds for shared use
docker run \
--mount type=bind,src=$PWD/dist,target=/dist \
--cidfile upload_artifacts.cid \
CONTAINER=$(cat upload_artifacts.cid)
trap "docker rm $CONTAINER" exit