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jmc dfcc266cd0 new sentence, new line; 7 hours ago
bin cat(1): -n flag: correctly enumerate files with more than INT_MAX lines 3 months ago
distrib sync for perl 5.32.1 3 days ago
etc Update TAL files to offical versions that include a https:// URL for the 10 hours ago
games while learning (teachgammon(1)) you might want to save your game so "{w,c}path" 4 weeks ago
gnu Never automatically rewrite perl/dist/Devel-PPPort/t/01_test.t 23 hours ago
include Rearrange variables in dump / restore to handle -fno-common. 1 month ago
lib s/byte/character 1 day ago
libexec Check auth_mkvalue(3) return value for NULL (malloc failure). 2 months ago
regress zap spades of trailing whitespace 6 days ago
sbin Add sys/queue.h to the include list since imsg.h needs it. Currently 13 hours ago
share new sentence, new line; 7 hours ago
sys Tweak whitespace and adjust prototypes. 7 hours ago
usr.bin warn about proper usage of Lst_Destroy. 14 hours ago
usr.sbin Add two error checks for strdup for consistency. 8 hours ago
Makefile minor cranking of libraries exposes a problem, details too long to explain. 11 months ago
Makefile.cross Update compiler-rt path in cross-build infrastructure. 7 months ago