24 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Ben Wallis c00bca7e93 Added cargo cmd-doc-gen to auto-generate the table of commands in the new players/commands.md page in the book 4 weeks ago
Ben Wallis 73b5c03510 Changed veloren-server-cli to run in interactive basic mode as default. Removed -b and added -t which enables the tui. 2 months ago
Ben Wallis b499cf2c58 Added egui debug UI - a 100% rust UI framework (similar to imgui) allowing for rapid development of debug interfaces to aid development. This is feature-gated behind the `egui-ui` feature which is enabled by default but removed for airshipper builds. 3 months ago
Imbris a1fac487e4 Suppress wgpu_core::device info logging 9 months ago
Imbris 553c1c18a9 Add skybox 10 months ago
Imbris 48ebb10d50 Update toolchain 4 months ago
Ben Wallis 95d7a3d761 Fixed cargo test-server. Removed -Z package-features from .cargo/config as it is no longer required 5 months ago
Imbris 1a7fc900e8 Turn off incremental compilation to avoid fingerprints bug 6 months ago
Imbris 8d0b776f18 Move server-cli commands to separate file, tracy profiling par_join improvements, misc improvements 6 months ago
Sam d4f509b3d0 Added hands field onto weapons. 7 months ago
Ben Wallis aef2637288 Refactored loadout to have public functions for each slot instead of requiring callers to use the _INDEX consts 8 months ago
Imbris 898bba8884 Demystify map site icon placement calculations 10 months ago
Christof Petig b11da85ff9 Patch for the position de-synchronization by imbris 10 months ago
Marcel Märtens a7123c6e14 put cache in ECS to get rid of allocations 11 months ago
Marcel Märtens ce3173ecdf add metrics for physics sys and implement concurrent physics 11 months ago
Imbris 7efbc74551 remove duplicate tracing filter code, fix compiling voxygen with the 1 year ago
Imbris 0683a40741 Use finish_continuous_frame directly 1 year ago
Imbris a763bbe73c Improve the perf of the physics system using par_join as well as removing the trait object closure to allow for the compiler to perform more optimizations 1 year ago
Songtronix 6a9b089ad5 change: allow `test-server` alias to run in workspace root 1 year ago
Monty Marz 142b386628 address comments 1 year ago
Imbris 390d289d35 Add timeout's to group invites, and configurable limit to group size 1 year ago
Samuel Keiffer f930f52df5 Allows for weapons to have different stats. Seperates healing staff out from staffs into its own weapon type: sceptre. Splits bow weapon type into shortbow and longbow. 1 year ago
protheory8 7ef4d3e093 Remove spaces in .cargo/config file 1 year ago
Marcel Märtens b44792c83d use gold linker instead of cc which is rust default for linux, which increases Compilcation by about 30% 2 years ago